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We have a number of primary school aged children around on a Sunday morning and love it! They bring a real burst of energy with them and enjoy playing with eachother before and after the service.


During the service, the atmosphere is relaxed. The children stay in with the adults at the start and join in with the songs and listening to the Bible being read. There is usually a slot called 'The Big Thing' where we take time to talk to the children and adults in a more engageing way about the day's big message.


Just before the main talk (which lasts 20-30 minutes), primary school aged children can go out to Explorers. This is led by an experienced DBS checked member of the church in a room just off the main hall. Here, they learn about Jesus from the Bible using stories, games, crafts and songs. 


We take safeguarding your children seriously at GCW. To find out more about our children's work feel free to get in touch. You can also read our Safeguarding Policy for more information.​

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