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We see Sundays as our main meeting of the week - they're a great time for the church family to get together and the perfect time for visitors to come along and see what we're all about.

Please be aware that Sundays look a little different at the moment due to Covid-19. The information below describes what our Sundays look like in 'normal' circumstances and though we're getting there, things might still appear a little different for the time being. For example, while it's sunny(ish!) we'll be meeting outside in the Jubilee Hall car park for outdoor services. When the rain appears and the colder days arrive, we'll be back indoors with a few covid-19 guidelines still in place to keep us all safe so please do bring your masks along if you're able.
What happens on Sundays?

We meet at Jubilee Hall each Sunday - our service starts at 10.30am but people often arrive little earlier to chat and get settled. As we rent the building, we have to set up the hall each Sunday so don't be surprised if you see people popping up tables and setting things up before the service starts!
During the service there'll always be:
Singing - this is how we praise and worship God together so we love to do it
Praying - this is how we speak with God, praise him and ask him for help
Bible reading and Bible teaching - this is how we hear what God has to say to us, what he has to teach us and how this can be applied to our lives
An 'all ages slot' - this is how we hear something the Bible teaches us in a fun and simple way (this is especially great for the kids!)
During the 20-30 minute Bible teaching we have a Sunday School for primary school aged children. You can find out more about this and the other things we have on offer for kids and teens on our 'For the kids' page.
After the more 'formal ' part of the service is done we'll always have tea, coffee and cakes on offer and love to have people stick around to chat!
Slow Cooker Sunday
As a church who loves to eat together as a family, we try to share meals together as often as we can. One way we enjoy doing this is through 'Slow Cooker Sunday' which is exactly what it says on the tin!

On the first Sunday of every month, after our usual service at Jubilee Hall, we stick around and share a meal together made up of slow cooked dishes made by the church family alongide a variety of sides and desserts. Slow Cooker Sunday is a great way for the church family to spend some extra time with eachother and and any visitors and is a great opportunity for newcomers to get a feel for the church with the addition of great food!
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