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We know that exploring the deeper questions about life like, 'is there a God?' or 'what's the point to life?'can be very personal. But sadly they can become so personal people find it hard to talk about them at all.

We are incredibly positive about people investigating the Christian faith. We want to give people in Wakefield and beyond the opportunity to think through their doubts, questions, objections and scepticism around the Christian faith. We are not like the image people have of the 'bible-basher' ignorantly ramming their ideas at people. We give people the space and opportunity to explore the claims of Jesus without pressure.

We encourage anyone who is sceptical about Christianity to come to one of our Sunday morning meetings. They are informal and designed to put newcomers at ease.

We also run very simple and enjoyable 'courses' where people who are either exploring or coming back to the Christian faith can investigate with others, usually over a cup of coffee and a nice piece of cake! Check in on our Facebook page or 'What's on?' section to see when we're running our next course.

You may have questions about Christianity and just want to talk things through, if so, doo get in touch! We won't force our Christian convictions on you and will help you as much as you want.

Like many of us, Hannah was a sceptic once too - find out from her what it was like to join one of our 'Christianity Explored' courses by watching this short video.

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