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The very young children are welcome to stay in the meeting with the adults (we don't mind them making noise!) but we also have a creche room where parents can take their children to relax and play with toys. In here, parents can still listen to the Bible teaching through an audio system that runs from the main hall. There's also a young children's area at the back of the main hall so parents have a choice of the creche room or letting their children play here.

On a Sunday morning, we appreciate it can be hard for the very little ones to stay in the main hall. We also know it can be hard for their parents to give their full attention to worshipping God and listening to sermons etc. while they're trying to entertain their babies or toddlers.

That's where creche comes in! We have a staffed creche every Sunday in a room just off from the main hall. This means your little ones will never be too far away if they need you but you'll have the chance to take a break and focus on the Sunday service while you're little ones are in safe hands.

As usual, all our leaders are DBS checked and we make sure we have sensible adult to baby/toddler ratios as per official guidance.

In creche your little ones can play with a range of toys and books and spend time having fun with eachother so you don't need to worry about trying to entertain them in the main hall.

For the very very little ones that can't yet go out into creche (i.e. under 1 years old) we also have a space at the back of the hall with soft mats where you can take them to play or sit with a bit more privacy.

We take safeguarding your children seriously at GCW. To find out more about our children's work feel free to get in touch. You can also read our Safeguarding Policy for more information.​

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