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Hope Explored

 Join us for Hope Explored, three sessions exploring the Christian faith.
3pm or 7pm on 7th, 14th and 21st Janurary.


How it works

We'll be meeting online using Zoom (which you can get free for any device) on Tuesdays, 8.00pm-9.00pm 

Before the night:

  • We'll send you the Zoom login code (and give you a helping hand with installing Zoom if needed).

  • We'll deliver you a copy of the materials you will need


On the night:

  • You'll log in to the Zoom meeting.

  • We'll watch a short video together about the life of Jesus.

  • We'll take a look at part of The Gospel of Luke (one of the Bible’s historical accounts of Jesus’ life).

  • There'll also be a chance to finish with a relaxed discussion time.

You won't be made to read out loud or answer questions and there won't be any praying or singing.


Whatever you ask will be taken seriously.


The sessions are completely free, and you can walk away whenever you like (though we usually find people look forward to it as a highlight of their week).

Interested? Don't forget to register!

CE How it works
CE Why Join?

Why join in?

Do you ever find yourself wondering whether there's more to this life? More than money, TV, work and trying to keep it all together?


You might have thought Christianity was all myths, knitting clubs, waving banners about or men in sandals.


But genuine Christianity offers explanations and reasons and arguments about:


  • why life exists,

  • what pain and suffering mean,

  • why we get afraid,

  • why life feels empty, and

  • why we don’t want to die.

It's even had an influence on how we understand life and has shaped our national culture for well more than a thousand years! 

So why not join us for Hope Explored where you can investigate christianity for yourself and look into the claims of Jesus Christ?

Register your interest for Hope Explored sessions

If you're interested in joining us online for Hope Explored sessions, register your interest using the form below. We'll get back to you to confirm your place and arrange to get the handbook and Zoom code to you.

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Register your interest for hope Explored
CE videos

Hear about other people's experience of exploring the Christian faith with Grace Church Wakefield

Hear Hannah, Esther and George's experience with 'Christianity Explored' - a group of similar sessions we ran a few years ago.

Want to hear more about hope Explored at GCW?
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You can find out more about Hope Explored at

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