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Grace Church Wakefield is a small church that was started almost five years ago by Dewsbury Evangelical Church. We're an independent church that happily works alongside other churches through bodies such as the Yorkshire Gospel Partnership (YGP) and the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC) which is a body of over 500 churches in the UK.

Our church is now made up of around 30 team members but we also have a number of welcome visitors along on a Sunday for our main service too.

The Bible tells us that the church is a local family of christians and as a church family we love spending time with each other and showing that we care for one and other. This is why we talk about belonging to a church family instead of just going to a church.

We'd like to think we're a friendly bunch of people and that our Sunday services are quite relaxed with something for everyone (including for the kids!) but above all, we try and make sure God is at the center of everything we do together.




Gary, Agbrigg

“The welcome you receive at Grace Church lifts your spirits week after week! It's a new church in its early stages so is quite small which makes for a lovely opportunity for the timid. The church has a considerate, no pressure won't be pressured to sing, pray or stand."




Matt, Lupset

"I love being part of a church family here at GCW with people of all ages and backgrounds."


steph, normanton

Steph, Normanton

"It's wonderful that the doors at GCW are always open to everyone, regardless of age, background or belief, and that the Bible teaching provides insight for both people who consider themselves Christians as well as those just exploring!"

We want to be a church where people who are new to Christianity and have questions feel welcome and comfortable. If you've never visited Grace Church Wakefield and want to find out more about us, there's no better way than to meet us. If you consider yourself a sceptic and you're a little unsure about church all together, even better - we're a church for sceptics too!

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