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Our vision and the story so far

We have a vision to see people across Wakefield given real hope for this life, and for eternity, through faith in Jesus Christ.


The Bible shows us that this happens through local church communities and so we're committed to the ‘planting’ of new churches and supporting the renewal of existing ones.


At the end of 2018, Wakefield Evangelical Church stopped meeting in their building on the Eastmoor housing estate after a period of decline - they had faithfully proclaimed the gospel there for more than fifty years!


The congregation therefore gave us their building and our vision has since been to see a church 're-planted' there. Our focus for Eastmoor is now to recruit leaders, and a team, to re-plant a new local church with a focus on Eastmoor and the immediate surrounding areas to the east of Wakefield city centre.


About Eastmoor


Eastmoor is a large housing estate off to the east of Wakefield. It's a large multi-cultural area full of diversity and what's more, it's close to the city centre. The area also has a number of new houses going up in new developments so is still growing too. In short, Eastmoor is full of people of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life with one thing in common - their need for the gospel!

Supporting the work 

If you share a heart for the work of the gospel in the east of the city, please contact Ian Goodson at


We are currently trying to gather a ‘seed fund’ to enable the funding of some leadership (potentially part-time) for this church so you can also contact Ian on the email above if you'd like to financially support to this work.


We hold an ‘Eastmoor vision meeting’ every first Wednesday of the month from 7pm-8.30pm. The meeting consists of Bible teaching, sung worship, vision updates and prayer. We're always open to interested visitors so get in touch if you'd like to come along!

Watch our video tour and take a look around!

Here Ian gives a video tour of the Eastmoor building and its grounds.

In the video you can also hear a little bit of history about the building and its beginnings on the Eastmoor estate.

Watch this video to get an idea of what the Eastmoor building and its grounds have to offer.

The opportunities for the gospel on this housing estate are endless and there's a building ready and waiting for a team with a heart to see a church there again.

Stay tuned for more information on Eastmoor as we'll be providing updates in the coming weeks. You can find updates here on the website or on our dedicated Eastmoor Facebook page.

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