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Church life after 19th July

Acting responsibly

From Monday 19th July legal restrictions relating to Covid-19 are due to be lifted.

However, the government clearly expects individuals and organisations to act responsibly since the disease still poses a significant public health risk, in particular to the clinically vulnerable.

We are still waiting for the government to publish its official guidance for ‘Places of Worship’.

But here is our current plan for what the lifting of restrictions will mean for Grace Church Wakefield’s organised meetings.

Sunday gatherings at Jubilee Hall after 19th July

We are asking everyone who attends to

And we will ensure that

  • There is adequate air flow through the building

  • ‘Mingling’ (for example, when we serve refreshments) will happen outdoors

During July and August we intend to hold our services outdoors in the Jubilee Hall car park whenever the weather is suitable.

Wednesday night prayer groups

These are the most important meetings in the life of the church.

We are asking people to not attend if they have symptoms, to sanitise hands on arrival. Wherever possible these meetings will take place outdoors.

Churches can offer what nothing else can

Throughout the pandemic many people in society have had to go without things in life they enjoy for the sake of the common good.

We have tried to keep within this spirit, forgoing things that are extremely precious to us as Christians, such as eating together, sharing the Lord’s Supper and singing. We love to sing.

But we have always tried to do as much as we safely can, because it is only in the Christ-centred churches in Wakefield where people can find real answers to their most pressing of questions.

Hospitals, schools, shops and other public services are so very valuable. We give thanks to God for them.

But none of them can offer what gospel churches can.

Gospel churches can give answers to our deepest fears and anxieties: Do I really matter? Why am I suffering? What happens when I die? Does anyone really care about me? Why can’t I be truly happy? Where can I find peace? Can I be forgiven for what I have done? Where can I be accepted and feel truly at home?

Real Christianity has real answers.

And so we will continue to do all we can to offer the people of Wakefield something they can find nowhere else. We are thankful that a return to some kind of normal will mean that people can see what a real church is really like.


If you have any questions about how we are approaching church life following the 19th July, please contact Ian Goodson (Pastor) on 07817 213660 or email


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