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Covid-19 measures from Sunday 24th October 2021

We have previously highlighted 24th October 2021 as the date we would remove the majority of our Covid-19 restrictions for Sunday mornings.

The media has been reporting the recent increased rates of positive tests, and the calls of some doctors’ groups for the government to reintroduce some measures.

Having weighed the current situation, we will continue with our plan to relax measures from this Sunday.

At Jubilee Hall we are now

  • Providing hand sanitiser

  • Ensuring adequate air-flow

  • Providing socially distanced seating for anyone who would like it

Of course, please do not attend if you have had a positive test or have any Covid symptoms.

We are continuing with this step at this stage because

  • the vast majority of our adult congregation have received two doses of the vaccination

  • we have canvassed opinion of our congregation ahead of this move

  • we have observed our local community and on public transport, in sports venues, at schools, supermarkets and in other social settings there appears to be little to no social distancing and mask wearing

Covid-19 has caused huge disruption, including thousands of casualties, so we have little sense of celebrating the removal of restrictions.

If the government requires stricter measures as we head towards winter we will reassess the situation immediately.

If you have any questions regarding this please don't hesitate to contact us.


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