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Get to know a bit about some of us below. We're fairly normal!

Ian and Lydia have three young children, Harry (6), Emma (3) and Ben (1). They moved to Wakefield from neighbouring Dewsbury in 2014 to join the Grace Church Wakefield team.


Ian became a Christian at some time between the ages of 16 and 20 - he's not sure exactly when. He first heard that Jesus was God and died so that people could be right with God when he was at high school and thought it made complete sense - but it took a little longer for Ian to realise that Jesus needed to become Lord of his life as well as his Saviour. Ian is on the eldership team at Dewbsury Evangelical Church, and is supported part-time by the church to lead the team in Wakefield. He would love to hear from you.


Lydia by contrast grew up in a home where Jesus was loved and worshipped. She became a Christian herself at the age of 12 when on a summer camp organised by the church. Lydia works part-time which gives her a break from raising three young children!


Luke grew up in Wrenthorpe and now lives in Lupset. He is married to Lauren and they have two young children. Luke is a painter decorator by trade, his youthful ambitions to be a professional roller blader not quite coming to fruition. Luke became a Christian after reading about Christianity on the internet when he was in his teens. He loves to tell others about Jesus. Born and bred in Wakefield he is passionate about Grace Church being started in his own city.


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