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GCW Covid-19 update: Sundays with GCW from 22 May 2021

Throughout the pandemic, we have sought to obey the government guidelines to the letter, whilst maximising every opportunity for Christian community and gathered worship.

We're thankful to God for the easing of restrictions, which give us greater freedom to worship God together in ways that build one another up in Christian maturity, and enable outsiders to experience the authentic gospel message in a really welcoming environment.

Here are the important updates in operation from this Sunday, until further notice:

You are now able to book as a group of six, or two households. You can speak to those in your group prior to and following the service indoors (but please remain seated). To book a seat please email.

We can now have fifty people in Jubilee Hall. This gives us a little spare space while people start to return to in-person services.

We will still be using the 1m+ social distancing rule, and observing all the other rules concerning wearing face coverings, no singing indoors, hand sanitising etc. Please come ready to happily comply with all these rules.

We are going to try doing without Zoom on a Sunday morning. So this Sunday, if you cannot join us in person due to self-isolation, please head to our Facebook page (you do not need a Facebook account to view) at 10.30am. If you email us in advance we can send you a copy of the bulletin.

We will (if it is dry) serve tea, coffee and cake outdoors. Outdoors you can mix in a group of 30 people. So that means we can speak to one another much more freely. But please leave the Jubilee Hall car park to do so (mainly because of safety reasons - cars are moving about!)

If it is dry we aim for the final part of the service to be outdoors where we will sing a couple of songs or hymns. It is good to be able to 'sing to God with gratitude in our hearts'.

Do get in touch with any questions. We hope to see you at Jubilee Hall.


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